Sunday, August 24, 2008

Baseball the LONG American past time

Went to 2 baseball games in 24 hours.... Pops wanted to go for 3, but we was worried the Little Lady might not be too happy with that (and me, I don't know if I could have taken it!) I AM taking credit for the Nationals little 2 game streak. If they want more, they can call me when they play the Mets ;-) Hanging with the extended family that I almost always refer to as the in-laws (although they aren't) was actually good this time. Spent an entire day in a museum yesterday. Touched base with a cousin I probably haven't seen in 25 years and probably didn't talk to when I did meet him. I liked him & he used to live in Queens (but now Chi-town). Great aunts & uncles, 2nd cousins and regular aunts and uncles.... all good times. Uncle asked me at the wedding reception if I was going to reenact Wedding Crashers...nah.

Getting back on the road again.... which will lead me to my sisters!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

So after a month, I have found a space of time which allows me to contribute to the lives of my siblings. Poor excuse, I know. I accept full responsibility for being a slacker. Of course, now H1 will be joining us shortly, an occasion to greet with excitment and gratitude. Not too long before the season arrives that will allow all of us to revel in each other's company.

For those who dont know (how could you not?), I took my first grad class this last week (8-5 every day). Not too demanding, thankfully. I have five for the rest of the semester, starting next monday. Those are promising to be a bit more demanding. Mom was hoping this grad class would be an introduction for me to the future Mr. I did so hate to disappoint her... Alas, soon she will have to try something more industrious.

Hope all is well in your prospective tinsle towns. The land of opportunity awaits! How come I cant find it?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I'm Here

I just really don't have anything to say that I don't say at my other blog. Um Heidi is awesome for letting me come crash and see Bob Dylan the other night. Also I think me and her have way too much fun when I come up there, you know why? Because all we do is EAT!! Or at least we do it a lot, the other night we each ate a Pint of ice cream! I had the Stephen Colbert "Americone Dream" ice cream. Yea it was awesome.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Am I the Only One Here?

My good buddy KTL has mentioned that for a blog with the title "Shonkkids", I hog the blogs. I quickly pointed out that it just means the rest of my sibs are actually living life rather than just writing about it.... I think he didn't really buy my argument and started e-mailing me articles to read (which I took to mean: comment)

Here's one that I read today:

I won't comment on much of it because well, while those close to me know I am very opinionated, I would have to say that politics is where I am not. Might have something to do with the fact that I don't know how much voting for one person within our current 2 party system really will make a difference..... but I'm also still thinking that through and enjoying being cynical, so don't try to debate me.

I did like how the article mentioned that tomorrow both candidates will sit down with Rick Warren. In case anyone missed the hoopla when Obama spoke at Saddleback, trust me when I say there was hoopla among the "Christians". I find it interesting that along with preparing for debates - our (not even official yet) two candidates need to sit down with Rick Warren.... Is anyone going to be surprised when the 2 guys tailor their discussion to appeal to the broad Christian base? I won't be.

I'm not worried about what will be said, there's a reason these 2 men have a staff of writers - and a person responsible for faith outreach (how did I miss THAT Craigslist posting?!). I'm more concerned about what we as individuals and therefore as a whole are doing to address the things we find important? Global warming, poverty, same-sex marriage, abortion, war?

My good friend Dr. Al mentioned in his blog this week that we are in political uncharted waters due to race in this election. I agree.... but I also think that we are in uncharted waters due to Generation X or Y's (or whatever the right name is) potential party realignment... that might not come until they step into the voting booth.

In more exciting news - little bro and I saw Bob Dylan this past week. He definitely met more exciting people than I. I saw Geraldo trying to line jump in the beer line and stood behind people that have probably scolded their adult children for smoking they smoked at the concert. The man played for 2+ hours. I don't know how Dylan felt the next day, but we were feeling it!