Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Perfect Man

There is some language, sorry mom :-(

Friday, April 17, 2009

Jigga Wha?

I know that this is going to prove that I'm a little out of the "Christian music scene" because I totally missed this happening...

Church Shopping

Recently one of my Facebook friends posted the link to this article: Church shopping has happened since we began naming our churches 1sts and 2nds (no offense to my fave 1st)... and this guy brings up some interesting points that I go back and forth on. First, I'm all for the little churches (as I'm in one) I'm all about the mega churches (since that's what I grew up in). And I DO tend to think of churches in the same realm/way that I think of businesses.... product of my MBA...and I don't think that's completely a negative.

Some points of his that I will take issue with: He has a list of 8 things that he says are the "successful" churches method...
1. Celebrity Pastor.. works in some places, not in others. As long as the person is trying to live a Christlike life - not an issue for me.
2. Worship... he mentions it being a production & people more entertained than participating. Totally agree...probably elaborate more in a different post.
3. Catchy marketing, etc.... this doesn't bother me if TASTEFULLY done. Now, I'm one to use my clip art on occasion, but there is ALOT of cheesy marketing going on in the church. And it doesn't need to be overboard - we're talking about a pretty simple message of God's love here folks ;-)
4. Celebrity author/musician as guest. Agree that this will probably just bring folks from other churches.
5. Ministry for every demographic. Unlike the author - this doesn't bother me...really. If you're a large church that is worshiping together - why not have a ministry for specifics within that? There is a bit of an argument for these becoming cliquish...but that isn't his issue here.
6. Youth program (state of art/catchy name).... here I agree. And it's taken me quite a few years youth ministry to get here. But I'm a little worried about the current trend of youth in a separate service/separate building and what this means for both the church and the student turn adult in the future.
7. Varied service for individual taste... I go back and forth here. On one hand, if you have the resources - go for it. On the other hand, is dividing having a negative affect on the mentoring that could be happening?
8. Hype your church as place to be....this will only attract from other churches.

His point is that "instead of bringing us together as a body, it feels like we're being pulled apart." I think this is a real danger for the church today as it grows within a congregation of people. When the little sis and I were in N. Ireland in February a guy there was talking about his time in the States and mentioned that he didn't like how when people invited you for dinner it was at a restaurant - not their home. That really got me thinking.... Is the church simply inviting people out to dinner for an hour?

There are two points at the end of the article that I totally agree with:
1. Leadership need to continually make sure that young adults are allowed significant roles of responsibility within the church. AGREED! If we aren't allowing our young folks to be used and learn leadership...where will we be in 20 years? Will those folks be in the church at all? In, but apathetic? Very important point I think.
2. "I think the whole mindset of finding a church 'meet my needs' is flawed. As believers, we are to be part of a body Christ serve, fellowship, grow and give to the ongoing work of the Great Commission. I think the question should be: 'Where can I best become involved in a Bible-teaching church where I can use my gifts and become part of a community that loves God and serves others?" I just stood up and applauded. This has been an issue for me since at least high school. When we look at the early church as outlined in Acts - we don't see that the believers were there for the programing. They were a community - they shared everything! As I think of church as a community of people growing together, it's not with a "what's in it for me way". It true love and concern for everyone else in the community.

Obviously this article isn't written about the non-believers that will come to our churches, but rather about the Christians that just can't figure out where they fit/which place is better. Some of the 8 things listed about big churches DO attract non-Christians. But I wonder if our love for Jesus reflected by our love for people we have relationships with won't also draw these same people into learning more about the amazing relationship that can be had. (getting down off soapbox and making coffee again ;-))

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A beautiful day for the grid iron

So I'm playing football this "season". Two hand touch, co-ed. The old roomie and his wife are on the team as well as a couple other good friends. It's a fun hour of throwing the pigskin around and going from one end of the shortened field to another. Today we played our "rival" team (it's a past rivalry, we're too early into the season for real rivals yet). It's a fun team - they like to trash talk, in good fun. So was playing "hiker" (I know it has an official name - the person that hikes the ball to the QB, but this is the one I choose!). As soon as I walked up to the line of scrimmage I started ribbing the rusher (I can't be a part of the play at all after hiking and I told him that I was hoping he wouldn't run into my elbow or anything). We went back and forth for the whole game until he cracked me up with this line "Your hair smells so good. What shampoo do you use? Pantene Pro-V?" I couldn't help but laugh.... and tell him it was whatever I get free from my friend who works in cosmetics :-)

As a little bonus thought: Brian McKnight on Celebrity Apprentice?!

Sunny in Philly?

Seems that the midday rain showers were not left in FL. The bro is never going to post this, so i will....because it makes me laugh every time! :-)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Is this me?

A friend sent me this picture the other day and asked if it was me. I seriously thought he had photo shopped my face into the pic. Kinda scary.... (it's for a movie that I won't be watching or recommending)