Monday, December 22, 2008


With a little more than a week left in 2008, I have finished* Grant & Darin's 2007 movie lists! For those of you that know either of them, this is a list that they agonize over (ok, maybe that's too strong of a word). Darin gives his star rankings, Grant just lists them. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and decided to combine the lists and watch all of them. *The following appeared on at least one of the lists and I I did not watch for the following reasons:
The Kite Runner (I'm going to read the book first)
No End in Sight (one of my best friends is in Iraq finishing his 3rd tour, I didn't think I could emotionally handle the movie while continuing to be encouraging to him)
This is England (Grant told me it was too violent for me to watch...he knows me well)
Killer of Sheep (this was on Grant's "want to see" list...and he decided it was boring)

Here is the combined list - the + means I liked it, the - means I didn't (I'm pretty simple like that.
No Country For Old Men +
Gone Baby Gone +
Juno +
August Rush +
The Bourne Ultimatum +
Michael Clayton +/-
American Gangster +
Atonement +
Once +
The Lookout +
Rescue Dawn +
Hot Fuzz +
Sicko -
1408 +
Live Free or Die Hard +
Sweeney Todd -
Dan in Real Life -
You Kill Me -
Zodiac +
There Will Be Blood +
The Great Debaters +
Charlie Wilson's War +
Ratatouille +
Into the Wild – (beautiful scenery though)
I'm Not There -
3:10 to Yuma +
Persepolis +
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly +
In The Shadow Of the Moon +
Elizabeth: The Golden Age +
The King of Kong +
Offside +
Death at a Funeral +
Away From Her +
Breach +
The Savages -
Triad Election +
Enchanted +

Movies that I saw that I thought should have been on their lists:
Under the Same Moon
PS I Love You
Lars and the Real Girl
Nanny Diaries
Mr. Brooks
Charlie Bartlett
A Mighty Heart
The Counterfeiters (Darin did add this on 12/16, 3 days after I watched it!)
Son of Rambow

Now I await the 2008 lists!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Got Beer?

I read this article last week (but had to wait for the on-line version to appear this week): (sorry, you have to cut and paste because I tried for 15 minutes to embed this!) I found the article interesting. I to wonder what causes some Christian leaders to drink. Now, I know, I'm in a pretty decent church community. For the most part they don't care if the leader does or doesn't drink. But I think that examining your motive for downing a brew isn't bad. Thinking about your example to others isn't bad. Determining if your drinking a drink will cause someone to be closed to talking to a "Christian" isn't bad. I guess I agree with the author in that you just need to think about cultural relevance & motive.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

We're slow

Us kids. Man, we blog like once a month. haha. I am officially done with my Christmas shopping! Woohoo! I am not done with Grant & Darin's movie lists. Well, I'm done with their lists, but I have 3 movies I'm watching that they might have missed on their lists. So I'm waiting until I finish those to post my opinions.

The bro came to visit this last weekend and my legs still hurt from all the walking. True to previous visits, we walked alot and ate :-)

We saw Cirque du Soleil's Wintuk. Pretty cool.

We ate Mac & Cheese (yes, that's a slab of bacon at the bottom of the picture)

And PB&J sandwiches (ok, one was cherry preserves & cocount - the other was cream cheese & chocolate chips)

And we took our picture in front of this building because everyone else was taking pictures. We figured it must be something Extremely important! ;-)

We also saw a pretty cool drum line competition...from the back. And a pretty sweet college basketball game. Good times. It's sweet having him so close - now that he's all grown up and all my friends love planning cities with him and talking game talk. I just sit by and nod.

Finished the holiday cards for work today....500+ of them. For the record, that's alot of addresses and stamps. I'm just sayin'....