Saturday, May 26, 2012

Building Glass Storage

When we first opened the restaurant we had nothing to put glasses on for storage (you'll see exactly how crucial that was when you get to the last picture). I found 2 bookshelves in a matter of days opening weekend, but couldn't find something I really liked. About a month into opening 2 of the 2-cube storage units were bought from the local hardware store. I HATED them. Thought they looked like 2-cube storage units from a local hardware store! Then one day while perusing Pinterest I saw "homemade wine glass storage" options. And then the wheels started turning. I would literally stand in the raw wood aisles at Lowes and Home Depot and try to build a wine glass rack in my mind. I even bought a premade one and while I was checking out the cashier told me he thought I could build that (what else was I buying that made him think that?!). But that's all the encouragement I needed. I took that box back to work and studied the picture for over an hour and then came up with a plan to make those 2-cube storage units look like a custom piece! (totally in my head, I'm really bad about drawing plans....that will come into play later)

First I had to gather my supplies.  Don't judge - Diet Coke IS a building supply!

Then I made the actual glass holder. If I made this again, the short part of the T would be thinner wood, but at this point I had tried some things and didn't want to go back and buy more wood! (this picture will also show how I like to freehand as opposed to measuring....also something that will come into play later)

I had to test it out WITH glasses before I permanently attached it! (at this point my kitchen staff was coming up with lists of things I could do to fix up their houses - ha!) Ignore all the crazy screws - I used what I had because I knew they would be hidden in the finished product...which I still hadn't formulated completely in my mind.

Fast forward one paint job and a week later:

I then had to figure out how to attach it and bring the 2-cube storage units together. And this is where it would have been good to draw/write things out. You can see here that I take the "sides" off the glass rack because I realize that I can use the side of the storage units instead. (and yes, orange cones, a broken mop handle, a piece of slate, 2 vents and a pickle bucket ARE necessary in the work space....hey, you work with what you have!)

Which then left a void when I attached it to the connecting piece of wood! Also I attached the side pieces by measuring once (always measure twice!). When I took them off and reattached them they started to crack. Fixed with a bit of gorilla glue, but as my staff will tell you - they're still a bit off.

I covered that front void with a bit of molding. Painted the molding and visible parts of the connecting piece of wood and installed it!

This is what it looks like with all it's glasses on it...and all the other glass things that are on that long counter!  The tall white piece on the right has been moved to a different place and I'm trying to find something to put in that space.  One of my staff asked if I was going to make something to connect it to the wine glass piece....nah

Friday, May 18, 2012

What I'm Reading Now - Calico Joe

John Grisham shifts his focus to baseball! The story centers around Paul Tracey, the son of Warren Tracey a Mets pitcher in the early 70's. Warren throws a pitch that changes the career of a rookie player that Paul really admires. This is a story of Paul righting that wrong. The story has lots of baseball terminology, but at the root of it is a boy's (man) making peace with who his parent is. Summer = baseball, ice cream, eating on the back porch and road trips. This book has 3 of those 4 elements. An easy summer/beach read for sure!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Three is the loneliest number


Lets face it. Three is really the loneliest number for so many reasons. Only two people fit on an amusement park ride at a time, most of the time. Only two people can sit in the front seat, unless it is a truck (and NO ONE in their right mind truly wants that middle seat). "Third wheel" is a term on purpose. Three is especially awkward for chairs. Who only wants THREE?

I am not even sure where these chairs were from, but D is good about bringing home other people's junk. And thankfully, he believes in me. :-)

You know what I did first right? Sand, sand, sand. These chairs were peeling black, yellow, maroon and metal. Not really a great color combination all together. So after sanding it down, I painted them black.

These were the seats it came with (not the cushion, just the board.) I added cushions, which I had left over from the settee project. Then I used leftover indoor/outdoor material and recovered them.
Not too shabby. We took them to Burlington, but got no takers. Again, who wants three? So we put them up on our second outlet individually prices. Sold two of them the next week. :-) Now, these are cute enough for someone to buy one. And no, it wont be lonely.