Saturday, March 21, 2009

Props to Champaign!

Illinois...the place of many a summer trips.

March Madness!

I love this time of year.... and the fact it's spring helps too :-)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I'm not dead

Well good news family I am not in fact dead! Do to the massive amount of mail not being delivered to me (I think there have been 3 things sent that haven't arrived) I was beginning to think the post office/government thought I was dead. And then when I filed my Federal Taxes online and got rejected because my name did not exist in the federal data base I began to worry.

So it was with great joy that I received my Green Box and a Irish Blessing from home on Friday and that I was able to figure out my tax problems thanks to our fantastic brother in law. This has been a good beginning to the St Pats celebration here, using methods I can not divulge on the internet, I was able to watch today's rugby match while enjoying Blarney stones all the way from Clinton, Indiana.

I am leaving for San Francisco next Saturday and will be speaking on the Friday following.

PS I enjoy that me and Heidi remembered we could post on here today and did both about Irish stuff.

O Ireland

What a week for Ireland. Fighting in the North - rugby wins in Scotland... I've been thinking a lot about Ireland since we returned. It doesn't help that Delta keeps dropping flight prices to Dublin - making it cheaper to fly to Dublin than anywhere in the Midwest! Ireland won extra points in my heart by having Diet Coke instead of Coke Lite (at least in the North). I felt akin to the way the ministry is being done there. That "you have a talent/passion in that area and it fits with our ministry goal? Go ahead and we'll support you." It's something we've worked to embrace here, something I feel pretty strongly about - maybe because I'm not a true Bible college grad :-) For now, I'll continue to pray for the wee island, for it's people, the people I met.... and save up my pennies for a return visit!