Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Sorry it has been so long for me. This update is quick and painless. Its another cabinet door! This one we found in the trash. Why would people throw such things away?
So it got sanded and painted.
I wanted to go slightly creepy in keeping with the monthly theme (OCT). However, I also have always found this poem by Edgar Allen Poe fascinating. My sister loves him as an author, but he was a bit too out there for me with most of his writings. I prefer lighthearted Jane Austen.

This one is a mix of paint and paper actually. I am not that good of an artist...unfortunately. So, its cut outs using modge podge on the door; some cut free handed, some printed. This is great if painting may be a bit much for you, but you enjoy creating something.

Lets hope it sells at the show this week. Last show of the season!