Monday, August 19, 2013

Latest and Greatest...maybe

Oh how I wish we had time for a before picture of this one! But here is the after. We found this sweet gem being sold by a guy who cleans out houses after he buys them. Apparently the owners had left a bunch of stuff in there. This one had great bones, but was messed up just about everywhere, and the drawers were a nightmare to open. It was a typical piece, typical stain, typical use marks by someone who did not care about it, and rather boring.

So D sanded the top for me, and didn't it turn out pretty! We had thought is was a veneer, but got surprised by a beautiful wood top underneath all the grime and stain.  

I primed and fixed all the drawers after removing the hardware.

Then I opted to go a very different route than usual for me. I had seen an idea, and wanted to try it! I enjoy the juxtaposition of paint and wood together, and this piece was the perfect guinea pig. Why? Because honestly, I did not think the drawers would ever be righted, so I saw this as a practice piece. Yes, even those of us that do this often sometimes run into pieces that drag us down! I drew a design in pencil on the top.

And then went with multiple layers of stain to create this! I love hoe it turned out. And so, it made me work even harder on the drawers. They were not going to beat me! It was such a lovely shell, that the inside had to match in my opinion. 

And so after finishing the top and sealing it, I painted the bottom white to contrast the dark top and really show it off. 

After much frustration, the drawers now glide like a hawk in the sky. It will make a wonderful entertainment center, buffet, dresser or changing table. One person that saw it is even considering it for a bathroom double sink vanity. That could be cool!