Monday, July 30, 2012

Black Beauty

Getting back to the basics right? Our bread and butter?

D was out on his evening run one night, and bursts in the door about 5 minutes after heading out. "I need help!" he shouted. Thankfully, we had someone else with us, and I was able to stay home anticipating what could be happening. (Considering by the time I got my shoes on and was out the door our truck was halfway down our road...oh darn.)

He comes back with a GIANT chest of drawers (its 5 ft long!) that someone had put in their trash. It was a very distressed cherry finish with missing knobs and a few giant scratches.

So what do we do to it? Transform it to a sleek black number with flashy white pulls.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Dipped Furniture

Sorry for the summer slump! So much has been happening, and I have not been able to
document the furniture changes like I have meant to. I apologize if you are one of those who enjoys looking forward to this, and hope you will enjoy all that comes in the future. I have been working on a secret project which will debut in January. Its going to take a long time to finish it. 
D and I have been working extra hard on things, but I also had to take a break on painting until I got myself a cool mask (so that I now look like a bug when I paint.) Its awesome. :-) And it was under $30!

Anyway, this is something new I am trying. I have seen it on old furniture before and it is kinda making a comeback. So, I have tried it out on these chairs. We shall see if someone else likes them as much as I do. Adding a little personality to make them stand out!

Hope you enjoy the change. Let me know if not though, cause I like opinions!