Monday, September 30, 2013

A little paint never hurt ya...

I have been looking for a desk to make a vanity for quite some time.  I was scouring Craigslist and came across this beauty.  I got to see a different part of Atlanta when going to pick this guy up!

 The drawers stuck and someone decided to try out chalk paint...  I love the color green and thought I could live with this for awhile, but I was wrong. 

So I took some gray paint I already had (you'll see that featured in another post) and made it darker by adding some black paint that I already had.  Sanded down the desk to take off the chalkiness and applied - 1 COAT!  I was so excited it only took one coat ;-)

Here's the piece now...without the cool handheld vanity mirror I recently got from one of my favorite antique dealers (hint: my sister!)

I'm in love....and I think this will be a piece I move with me and use in different ways in different houses - we shall see!