Friday, August 31, 2012

What I'm Reading Now - Little Cenutry

The story starts with Esther's arrival in Oregon via train from Chicago.  Esther is 18 years old and her mother has passed away - forcing her to move to Oregon with her distant cousin.  It's the time when the train is talking about expanding, when homesteading is happening and cattle ranchers are fighting with sheep ranchers for grass to feed their herds.

We meet buckaroos on the ranch as well as an assortment of town folk (teacher, preacher, store keeper, newspaper presser...presser?).  Each character is given enough time to become a character of interest, but more time is given to Esther's inner-circle.

There is a murder, there is "random" violence, there is a love story.  Can you ask for anything more in a story?!  I enjoyed this book - I flew through it as I read, but overall really, really liked it.

Friday, August 24, 2012

What I'm Reading Now - Mrs. Kennedy and Me

First a confession:  I thought this book was going to be a "tell all" with tons of scandal and the such, but I gave it a try because I am slightly intrigued by Mrs. Kennedy & I was hoping for a bunch of pictures :-D

This book starts with Clint Hill getting the assignment to be one of Mrs. Kennedy's Secret Service Agents.  At the time of the appointment he was assigned to President Eisenhower - so he sees this as a bit of a demotion.  He talked about how he would miss all the traveling he got to do with the President (who knew that he would be away from DC much more with Mrs. Kennedy!).  He offers a great view of Mrs. K's struggle with being in the White House, raising (and losing) children and overall being in the limelight.

I thought the book was very interesting.  He held my interest the entire time I was reading it.  Reading his memories of the day that Jackie delivered and lost Patrick and the day that JFK died brought me to tears (not that I think that's an incredible feat ;-))  While my one complaint would be that it was written like a guy (hello, he never talks about her outfits!), I think I liked that he stuck to the story - which was all about how she took her role as first lady.  The book did make it seem like she didn't spend much time at all at The White House.  Maybe that's true... I need to do more research.

Overall this was a great read if you are interested in Jackie Kennedy.  It doesn't give you a ton of insight into what the secret service does - but it does show you how she lived her life as the First Lady.

Monday, August 6, 2012

It only took me two years...

This bathroom, our only bathroom, has been a fun challenge from the start. Its one that has needed just about everything changed, but we are taking it slow. So far we have a new tub/shower and toilet. Oh, and a new fan/vent. In almost 2 years... Another 5 and we should have it done. :-) With only one bathroom, it take a lot longer.

But last month, I got industrious and broke out some paint! I was going for grey, and it came out a lot more blue.

Good thing everything else is white! Next up: vanity, sink, medacine cabinet and light fixture. At some point, but dont hold your breath for pictures soon.