Monday, July 25, 2011

Robin's Egg Blue

What color is more vibrant, calming, and fun all mixed into one? For me, it is a bright robin's egg blue. It can be a statement color, and accent color, or whatever you want it to be.

I have to give my boy the credit for finding this chest sometime last year. I apologize I didnt really get a "before" picture. The chest was painted brown. Why you would ever really paint wood brown, is beyond me. Especially this chest. It is a cedar chest, smells wonderful and has beautiful, rich natural wood. I sanded this one down, because I wanted to salvage the beauty. However, even then, the brown paint remained in the carvings on the front and in the grooves of the legs.

I would have saved that beautiful wood too, but you already know I did not. Why did I not, you may ask? (Especially when I keep going on and on and on about the wood...)

Because of this. The top. Sigh. The pictures dont really do it justice, but there are grooves going opposite the grain, making it look scratched. And, the most important: it is a different wood. So, in order to keep it, I would have to stain it to match.

In the end, I decided against it, since the brown was in the grooves anyway.

So, I began mixing some paints and formulating a plan (yes, in about that order!)

I painted the top, sides and then feet. I didnt saturate the wood with a layer of paint, cause I still wanted it to look a little old and rustic. The pictures, again, dont show it that well. Im still learning this whole camera thing too...

Then I had to decide on the detailing. As you can see, I opted for black. It is classic, timeless, and hot right now. Lets face it, I was pretty sure I was going to sell it on. I wanted something marketable.

Then came three layers of our friend poly, after I sanded the chest down. I always sand first, because poly likes a smooth layer, in order for it not to produce bumps and even sometimes sharp edges.

A few coats later I had this beauty!

I was so enamored with it, that I just kept taking pictures. I can't help it. It looks like it would fit in a home now or 85 years ago, which is at least how old it is. I love being able to take such a masterfully made piece and sprucing it up so people look twice!

Let me know what you think of this lovely little thing! I love hearing back from you. (Oh and yes, it has already sold by the way.) Props to my love for seeing the potential in this!

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